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Best Web Directories Development Company in Saudi Arabia

18, February 2020

Best Web Directories Development Company in Saudi Arabia

The tremendous development of the Internet in the past few years from what it was at its beginnings, this development has contributed greatly to the spread and developing of different types of websites according to the desired goals, as everyone began to understand the great importance of information technology and information culture, web directories are one of the most important search tools that have emerged and spread on the Internet, and the goal of designing web directories lies in the process of arranging and classifying all websites according to their subject categories or sectors.
When it comes to web directories, they are already content-rich, the city directory websites are information-rich also and therefore it is important for you to see that all the content hosted on your website is great quality content.
Simply web directories are websites that contain lists and indexes of different websites, and the classification of them is often dependent on topics or services and sometimes these sites are classified according to their geographical presence.

Types of web directories development and design:

  • General web directories: This type of directories features free listing as well as a featured listing of all kinds of websites. It is comprised of a lot of categories and sub-categories where web listings can fall under this type and are organized in a precise and professional manner.
  • Research and education directories: This is a type of directories that have been designed across various research institutes and universities depending on the experiences of those assigned to this task to pick and choose websites that can contribute to meeting the needs of universities and institutes and students as well.
  • Businesses web directories: they are specialized in displaying companies ’ websites according to their services and their locations in one place to save a lot of effort for users to find the needed information about any company such as location or services or even websites instead of searching for it through search engines.
  • Niche Web Directory: A web directory that limits itself to a specific type of industry is called a niche directory. A perfect example of this would be a directory that only accepts paid or free listing of any website with content, services, or products related to real estate.

Advantages of designing and programming web directories:

Main benefits of developing and designing web directories:

  • Covering scientific materials for researchers: Web directories provide a possibility to cover the scientific materials for researchers, which in turn contribute to the service of academic decisions. These directories enable the researcher to see the rich sites for specific information without the hassle of the long research in the form of a catalog and indexed by each category.
  • Ease of search and speed of access: Web directories avoid the hassle of long searching for what users want. It collects all the sites and serves them in all fields in indexed and classified pages, which facilitates them to access information smoothly in the least time and effort.
  • Accuracy, arrangement, and selection: Web directories are generally characterized by accuracy in the processes of selecting, arranging, describing and analyzing websites and portals to save the hassle of searching for directories users or visitors.
  • Ranking of sites in search engines: The web directories help in increasing the rank of the websites that are registered with them to be on the front pages of search engine pages. A higher domain rank generally means a higher amount of people clicking on a day to day basis and this will lead to an increased chance of those people finding your site.
  • Profits from web directories: Given what site directories offer for sites such as accessing them quickly by users and raising their ranking, either search engines to increase visibility when searching for services related to your business, some site directories make a list for customers to choose from if he wants his website to remain in the directory for a period of time, sometimes a period of time for few months, or for a year or more, for a simple fee.

Best Web Directories Development Company in Saudi Arabia 1 CodeShip

“CodeShip will provide your business with a dynamic and user-friendly website, we supported hundreds of customers to have a profitable online presence through their websites from a marketing perspective.”

Top features of developing and designing web directories:

  • Excellent and easy-to-use dashboard control panel to control the entire site with ease.
  • Unique and distinctive design with consistent colors to attract customers and give them a sense of comfort when browsing the site.
  • Speed of your directory website this is the age of intense competition and superfast websites today, if you fail to deliver the content on time, there’s the highest risk of losing the traffic that is coming to your way.
  • The ability of the site to manage large numbers of visitors without any interruption.
  • Ease of browsing the site and navigating the pages of services easily and effortlessly.
  • Advanced search gives the ability of site users to find what they need smoothly without the need for navigation in the directory categories or pages.
  • One of the most important features of any kind of online directory (city directory, classifieds directory or events directory) is a front end submission button feature.
  • Websites should be ready for any future updates and design developments at any time.
  • Mobile-friendly websites that are compatible to be launched on various mobile devices.
  • Spaces left for ads on the website, which increases profits.
  • Live chat support to answer visitor inquiries instantly.
  • A search engine friendly website to support its appearance in the first pages of search engine results.
  • A contact form to communicate with customers easily.

Why you have to choose “CodeShip” for developing and designing your online web directory:

  • Extensive proficient teams working on websites development and designing, eCommerce solutions and customized websites with a huge portfolio.
  • We always make sure of applying the global quality factors in our services.
  • We always stick to the deadlines of ending any project.
  • We offer a great high-quality service that fits your requirements and budget.
  • A great portfolio of our recent projects that reflect our experience in providing our services.
  • Satisfactory design that offers smooth surfing and navigation between your website pages.
  • Optimized web loading speed on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Dynamic user-friendly websites.
  • Secured and fast hosting.
  • Great technical support.

Request your professional web directory website from the best web development and designing company CodeShip in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, request your web directory website now.

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