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Best Pharmacies Accounting Solutions Development Company in Saudi Arabia

10, March 2020

Best Pharmacies Accounting Solutions Development Company in Saudi Arabia

In light of the recent technological developments that the world is blessed with, these software solutions, systems, and applications have become one of the main pillars upon which to contemplate any project, whether that project is a restaurant, hotel or a pharmacy. Or use and adapt them to manage stores or small and large companies etc.
With a simple definition, we can say that an accounting solution is a group of algorithms that are implemented in the accounting systems for creating accounting records and then setting controls to analyze and summarize this information so that it can be easily handled, analyzed, utilized and adapted to serve any project in various directions.
Accounting systems and applications have contributed greatly to the development of pharmacies and have helped to improve the customer experience and helped in getting more data about pharmacies’ medications, their prices, and organization, knowledge of deficiencies and needs, registrations and extraction of reports to follow the pharmacy movement and knowledge of profits and losses. Accounting programs differ from each other in terms of the advantages and services they provide and their price.

Main Benefits of Developing and Programming Pharmacies Accounting Solutions

Benefits of Developing and Designing a Pharmacy Accounting Solution:

  • Easy management of medications stores for the pharmacy:
    Accounting systems provide the ability to manage the inventory of the pharmacy with ease. The medicines can be distinguished from cosmetics with the knowledge of the quantity of any product, and it must determine the needs in addition to knowing the date of validity of each product in addition to making statistics for these products [Medicines/cosmetics] and to know which products are in high demand and stagnant products inside the inventory or in the pharmacy.
  • Barcode system for medications:
    Accounting software and systems provide the ability and support of barcode, which contributes greatly to improving the customer experience by providing a distinctive service as it improves performance and sales operations and makes them more flexible and fast inside the pharmacy.
  • Providing custom reports:
    Accounting solutions give the ability to extract reports and applying statistics equations easily, for example, reports can be extracted for the movement of medications in terms of their expiry date to identify the expired medications as well as the ability to extract daily or monthly reports and review bills to determine profits. Get reports of purchase movement and compare it to the previous or next month, day, or year in order to stand at the pharmacy level and think about how to develop your current situation.
  • Alerts and notifications:
    Accounting solutions for pharmacies provide the possibility of alerts for items that are about to expire and follow-up deficiencies in medicines and determine the amount required from certain medicines based on the demand of it in addition to alerts related to the validity dates of medicines and various products such as cosmetics.
  • Facilitating the process of calculating discounts and offers on products:
    Accounting programs carry out several operations, including calculating discounts on products or determining the price of a product based on rules that are determined by the pharmacy to apply and implement them through accounting solutions.

Best Pharmacies Accounting Solutions Development Company in Saudi Arabia 1 CodeShip

Main Features That Should be Available in Pharmacies Accounting Solutions:

  • Make invoices for pharmacy inventory purchases.
  • Printing sales invoices effortlessly.
  • Easy to fully handle and adding VAT.
  • Record infinite numbers of products using barcode technology.
  • Accounting Inventory Management.
  • Fast Search Stock Management.
  • Billing & Invoicing.
  • Alerts/Notifications.
  • Reports Printing.
  • Taxation Reports.
  • Transaction management.
  • Data Backup and Restore.
  • Discount system.
  • Automatic Blocking of expired Items.
  • Connect all branches on one database to easily know the locations of the products with the available quantities of them.
  • Income statements and profitability reports.
  • Record the value of the assets, capital and value of the waste.
  • Creating reports to gain full knowledge and statistics of your business.
  • Register all customers, suppliers, delegates, and companies.

Why You Have to Choose “CodeShip” For Designing and Developing Accounting Solutions:

  • We have an experienced proficient team working on programming, designing, and development of websites, web applications, e-commerce websites, custom websites, accounting solutions development and design, customer relationship management solutions “CRM”, developing and programming “ERP” solutions and “HR” software solutions.
  • We always make sure of applying the global quality factors in our services.
  • We always stick to the deadlines of ending any project.
  • We offer a great high-quality service that fits your requirements and budget.
  • A great portfolio of our recent projects that reflect our experience in providing our services.
  • Excellent technical support.

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