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How Artificial Intelligence Can Support in eCommerce

30, December 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Can Support in eCommerce

Thanks to the great benefits of artificial intelligence-based systems, e-commerce companies have begun working on tools that help them to integrate artificial intelligence into their business strategies. This means that marketing campaigns will become more effective and beneficial, and will be limited in cost and highly profitable.
Artificial intelligence systems have evolved in recent years very quickly. One of the sectors that most benefit from this development is the e-commerce sector, specifically in the marketing field. Indeed, according to many digital marketing experts, the next few years the systems with integrated automation will be implemented and will take the place of traditional marketing that we know.

Artificial Intelligence Supporting eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence Supporting eCommerce

Top Methods of Using Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Commerce:

  • Programmed Ads benefits from AI:

The world of e-commerce has expanded significantly over the past years and the main reasons for this are data and data only. Some companies are now offering advertisers a limited selection of consumer behavior, interests, and data to make everything you pay for advertising worth the cost.
All this data comes with its own challenges and companies today are working hard to get and identify the appropriate marketing strategy for them. Here comes the importance of artificial intelligence. Today there are many platforms that can facilitate your paid marketing campaigns and guide you to the most relevant one for you.
One of the most prominent platforms, which is an artificial intelligence program that seeks to facilitate the automation and management of marketing campaigns without any human intervention.

  • Smart Chatbots:

Almost all chatting platforms are testing chat robots. Some social media platforms have chat robots that enable users to communicate with the brands, these chatbots are dominating the customer services and sales fields. The companies that seek to make more profits, chat robots can add value to the way that they use in communicating with their customers at lower costs.

  • Voice AI-Enabled Online Retail:

In addition to “chatbots” on communication platforms, consumers are using some tools that help them in some everyday actions. These tools enable users to communicate with website services by using only their voice. This technology is implemented in smartphones and specifically designated to make easy voice communication, companies will be flying in this “voice” direction in various ways in the coming years.

  • Generated Content:

Believe it or not, a large amount of the daily uploaded content to blogs and news sites is written by artificial intelligence tools. Companies like Associated Press and Reuters have been using this technology to write their news successfully for several years now, many of these typewriting bots are successfully writing product specifications on e-commerce sites.


AI applications have become an undeniable part of the world of e-commerce. Companies are seeking to compete in this market must understand, test and deploy the best AI applications.
Artificial Intelligence is presently being utilized to analyze and understand the clients base on their behavior and experience when purchasing products. Artificial intelligence examinations enormous measures of social purchasing behavior and the level of interesting in the products that can connect with the company and help them know more their customers and can predict the items they will buy in the future according to customers’ performance and preference

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