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Medical & Healthcare Websites Development in Saudi Arabia

26, January 2020

Medical & Healthcare Websites Development in Saudi Arabia

Medical website design is one of the most important types of web site design and programming because it provides medical information and services to patients and users in general.
The medical website is also a large repository of medical content as well as articles specialized in health. The medical website offers various medical services to users as well as the advantages provided by various medical institutions, centers, and hospitals.
The appearance of health websites has the main impact on users’  trust in them. Thus health-related organizations attempt to design their websites in a way that is attractive to target users as a poor design implies that users will not be able to view the services provided by these organizations and the organization will lose its audiences and benefits as well, with the great development of the Internet, it has become necessary to design medical websites that provide medical content and medical information in an easy and easy way for users by multiple medical institutions. It has a medical center or hospital, and it makes it easier for visitors to make reservations and know doctors ’appointments.

The advantages and benefits of executing a medical website:

Medical services market: Creating a medical website provides the ability to view medical services provided by medical institutions and hospitals, each according to its specialization. The designed medical website enables visitors to know the available services that are provided by the hospital.
Ease and speed of communication: The medical websites provide the possibility for patients to communicate with doctors throughout the day and respond to their inquiries quickly.
Marketing and trust: A medical website design also contributes significantly to building trust between the hospital/doctor and between visitors, which supports the marketing of the service provided, achieving profit, and branding.
Marketing the doctors’ skills: A medical website provides the ability to create a personal file for any doctor who can contribute to answering the medical and preventive questions of visitors, which increases credibility between the client and the site. This enables the doctor/hospital to market himself and his skills by highlighting his name and photo, along with the answer given to the visitor along with the possibility of linking this to the various social media pages of him on the Internet, and then, as a result, it is easy to communicate with him and reach his clinic.
Online booking: The design of a medical website provides the possibility for patients to book online without incurring the hassle of going to the hospital, medical center or clinic for reservation.
Gain confidence and increase customers trust: The design of electronic medical sites gives the medical center, hospital or clinic the ability to increase visitors and gain their trust by seeing the quality of the services provided along with the speed of response and ease of reservation and inquiries, which helps in bringing visitors and the site’s popularity and gaining importance from the rest of the competitors provided that achieving quality In the medical content provided, the speed of movement within the site sections, the ease of access to the desired section, the speed of response and the response to inquiries and reservations.

The most important features to be founded on medical websites:

  • The possibility for patients to reserving online and accepting the reservation request by the doctor.
  • A special section for patients to closely follow each patient, his health condition, patient history, treatment methods, and everything related to the patient.
  • The possibility of printing reports and prescriptions for patients.
  • A picture library of events and for all hospital staff.
  • A special section for videos of the most important operations.
  • Special pages to introduce the hospital/doctors and ways to communicate with them.
  • Patients can inquire at the site or through social accounts Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, about the hospital or clinic services, at any time of the day.
  • As a medical institution or clinic owner, you can offer medical services by recording marketing videos about diseases and their treatment, and the most important advantages of the clinic or hospital and its treatment.
  • Ads can be placed on the medical site, thus increasing additional profits through the medical site and clicking on those ads or high site views.
  • The ability to add an infinite number of sections, pictures, and videos to your medical site.
  • A special section for hospital events and activities.

Medical & Healthcare Websites Development in Saudi Arabia 1 CodeShip

Why you have to choose us “CodeShip” for designing and developing your medical website:

  • An easy and comfortable user interface that supports many languages.
  • Ability to add, modify and delete sections of your medical website with ease.
  • Responsive design on all desktop and mobile devices.
  • The website design is attractive, modern and includes the website logo that brands your identity.
  • Easy and flexible control panel to control the entire site “Dashboard”.
  • Full control of the site content, such as adding text, images, etc.
  • Fast processing of orders and information even with a large amount of data.
  • The speed of opening the site and the ease of moving to the different pages of the site, which are important features.
  • An attractive design is compatible with different search engines which leads to an increase in targeted visitors from Google and all search engines.
  • The presence of a special protection system to protect the site from any breaches, whether viruses or hackers, which cause major problems in some sites.

Our Professional Web Design and Development Service Methodology:

  1. Gathering information, purpose, goals, and audience.
  2. Planning, site map, and wireframe creation.
  3. Design, page layouts, review, and approval.
  4. Content writing and assembly.
  5. Coding.
  6. Testing, review, and launching.
  7. Maintenance, opinion, and updating.

“Request your professional website from the best web development and designing company CodeShip in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, request your website now.”

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