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Real Estate Web Design & Development In Saudi Arabia

12, January 2020

Real Estate Web Design & Development In Saudi Arabia

Nowadays it is necessary for companies that need to reach a large segment of customers to design a website that discusses and describes their products or services to customers.
The website design relies on the company industry if it is designed for sports, real estate, personal, and so on. Through this, clients who wish to purchase do not need to go anywhere to search for their specific dream property

The importance of designing and developing a real estate web portal:

  • Offering real estate, apartments and villas, and shops to a large segment of customers on the internet.
  • The ability to reach a larger segment of customers and gain access to external markets, which achieves a large profitable return, as your design of the real estate website makes you exceed the geographical barriers and opens you with greater doors to access the global markets.
  • Providing a media environment with less cost and less effort, as the real estate websites that you created enables you to advertise real estate at a lower cost and thus you have got rid of the traditional method that was draining a great time and effort along with the high cost compared to the little profitable return that comes back to you.
  • Provide flexibility to customers through the ease of communicating safely and interactively that occurs by responding to all inquiries at the same time and very quickly.
  • The ability to develop a detailed outline for every property, which enables customers to make a direct decision of reservations and purchases.
  • The ability to link the property to its location on “Google Maps” so that customers can view the property location and its surroundings.

Real Estate Web Design & Development In Saudi Arabia 1 CodeShip

The main features of a real estate website:

  • Searching site for any property according to its geographical location, or by region, city, or province.
  • A gallery that contains pictures or videos of the property.
  • The website contains a map that determines the property locations and addresses.
  • Advanced search by department, number of rooms, price, and type of property.
  • Allowing visitors to comment on the offered and required units.

Additional real estate website features:

  • Creating a section for “Blogs”.
  • Implementing frequently asked questions section “FAQ”.
  • Social media sharing buttons.
  • Map for an easy navigation experience for clients.
  • Creating a privacy policy page.
  • Creating the terms and conditions of use page.
  • Create a mailing list to communicate with users.
  • Implementing a newsletter subscription to keep your clients’ updates with your latest news.

Why you have to choose “CodeShip” for developing and designing your real-estate website:

  • An easy and comfortable user interface that supports many languages.
  • Easy and flexible admin panel to control the entire website “Dashboard”.
  • Modifying content easily such as adding, removing or editing texts & images, etc.
  • Fast processing of orders and information even with a large amount of data.
  • The ability to hide phone numbers from customers and the user.
  • The speed of opening the site and the ease of moving to the different pages on the site, and this is an important feature in real estate sites, because the longer the page loads, the number of visitors’ decreases instantly and vice versa.
  • You can map each property separately showing the property address.
  • Advanced search feature for your clients’ to search by region, cities, price, size or even the number of rooms.
  • Attractive website design that is compatible with different search engines which leads to an increase in the targeted visitors from Google and all search engines.
  • A special protection system to protect the website from any breaches, whether viruses or hackers, which cause major problems in some other real estate websites.

“Request your professional website from the best web development and designing company CodeShip in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, request your website now”.

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