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Top Governmental Websites Development in Saudi Arabia

09, February 2020

Top Governmental Websites Development in Saudi Arabia

Government website design refers to a specialized approach to building a CMS (or government content management system) that manages the creation and storage of digital content by a government organization.
Citizens have come to expect the same effortless experiences they do with private sector website design. Specifically, government website design features must include navigation with search capability, prominently feature top services, offer personalized experiences based on geography, and more.
It is noted that private sectors such as banks have been able to benefit from the design of electronic websites and provide a large part of their services through their sites such as paying bills, for example, transfer, subscriptions, etc., in exchange for government sectors that have not achieved significant benefit from web design, although there are many government websites on various sectors present On the Internet without her real potency.
Half of all traffic to government websites are on mobile devices—and as more citizens demand on-the-go access to government services, this number is expected to rise sharply. Knowing this, public sector organizations are enhancing their websites to be mobile-friendly, which means that the site adapts to a mobile screen, is accessible and readable, and provides simpler navigation.

Best offered advantages of the governmental websites:

  • Facilitate governmental processes for citizens: The design of a government website in a professional way contributes to facilitating the needs of citizens by providing a directory that includes every governmental sector and talking about its services, whether these services are provided by the various ministries or institutions affiliated with the government and the workers under its care.
  • Notifications and newsletters: The design of governmental websites provides the news related to all sectors and governmental institutions and the changes that happen in the government so that the citizen can stay up-to-date with the latest governmental changes that require updating this news on a daily and continuous basis.
  • Fast response to citizens’ problems: The design of a governmental website on the Internet provides the ability to communicate with citizens and solve their problems and respond to their inquiries. Governmental websites provide many and organized information and respond to citizens ’inquiries while solving their problems smoothly.
  • Online payment and registration ability: The government website facilitates citizens a lot of it has the ability to pay expenses of governmental universities, schools, and governmental documents electronically without going to offices and the possibility of applying through the site as well and attach the necessary documents for that, which makes it easier for citizens, especially those who have difficulty in being In places designated for this.

Top Governmental Websites Development in Saudi Arabia 1 CodeShip

Main features that must be available on governmental websites:

  • Awareness of the geographical location of the site’s visitors:
    Knowing the user’s location to provide information about the nearest government offices to visitors based on the geographical location of visitors.
  • Easy navigation between site pages:
    Improve the user experience by designing an easy and smooth website interface, which allows all visitors to interact with the site with ease.
  • Contact form:
    Designing an easy and smooth form for visitors, allowing visitors to leave their data to communicate with them later on with all the information that they need.
  • Advanced search implementation:
    In all cases, visitors to government websites are looking for a specific service or information that is accurate, and there is no doubt that government websites consist of a huge number of pages of services and information that users search for, the advanced search feature facilitates a lot of effort on the visitors as it allows the user to write the name of the service or the information he is searching for to find it immediately on the search page.
  • Notifications:
    Add an e-mail subscription service, which allows informing visitors of all updates or new services and information about any changes in government offices, which makes it easier for citizens to know the latest updates faster.

Why you have to choose us “CodeShip” for designing and developing governmental websites:

  • We are committed to applying recognized quality standards in the field of website design and development.
  • We adhere to the specified time for project delivery to our clients on time for delivery.
  • We provide our services with the best quality and the best prices that are commensurate with the quality of the service provided.
  • We provide continuous technical support to our customers even after doing project delivery as a service we do for our customers after the sale.

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