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eCommerce Web Design & Development in Egypt

22, January 2020

eCommerce Web Design & Development in Egypt

One of the eCommerce benefits is that it has a lower startup cost. Physical retail stores have to pay up to thousands of dollars to rent one of their store locations. They also have several upfront costs such as store signs, store design, buying inventory, sales equipment, and more. Physical retail stores also have to pay staff to work and run each location. They may also need to hire security staff depending on the product value in the store.
Investing in a well-built e-Business system including email, website and back end systems will greatly assist in building client trust. Providing free, useful information, secure ordering, and payment transactions and reliable delivery, support and feedback systems are the keys to establishing strong and successful customer relationships on the Internet.
There is no doubt that electronic commerce is a very rapidly growing field in today’s scenario. It is used for purchasing order i.e. for buying and selling electronic goods and all other types of things.

The main benefits of an eCommerce Website:

  • Increase customer’s trust: A beautifully designed and creatively developed website generates trust for your clients. They know it very well that if you take care of your website with proper attention and active than you must treat your clients with a similar technique.
  • Accessibility & Easiness: There are many people in the world for whom, e-Commerce converts one of the favorite ways of shopping because of the found online shopping easy and convenient. They are permitted to purchase goods or services from their home at any time. The greatest thing about it is purchasing opportunities that are rapid, appropriate and user-friendly with the capability to transfer funds online. Because of its accessibility, buyers can save lots of time and money by searching for their goods easily and making buying online.
  • Fascinate New Clients with Search Engine Visibility: As we know that physical marketing is the route by branding and relations. But, online marketing is also motivating by traffic that originates from search engines. For clients, it is not common to follow a connection in the search engine results and visit on an e-commerce website that they never heard of. More Search Engine Visibility will attract more people to your e-commerce website.
  • Keep Birds Eye on Buyers’ Buying Habit: E-commerce traders can effortlessly keep a continuous eye on buyers’ buying habits and comforts to adapt their suggestion suit to buyers’ desires and this is the best thing of e-commerce. By satisfying their requirements continuously, you can increase your continuing relationship with them and build long-term relations.
  • Selling Products globally: If you are running a store, it will be bounded to the geographical region for which you can provide service, but on the other hand with an e-Commerce website, you can sell your goods and services globally. The complete world is your playground, where you can trade your whole variety of goods without any geographical restrictions. Furthermore, the remaining restriction of geography has dissolved by m-commerce that is also known as mobile commerce.
  • Services provided 24hrs: E-commerce traders can enjoy that store will remain open 24hrs because they can run e-commerce websites all the time. This is a way to increase their sales by increasing their number of orders. Though, it is also helpful for buyers as they can buy products when they need no matter whether it is morning or midnight.


Why you have to choose us “CodeShip” for developing and designing your eCommerce Website:

  • Speed: It’s no surprise that a slow eCommerce website leads to an undesirable shopping experience, but did you know that studies show that online shoppers are only willing to wait about 2 seconds for a web page to load?
  • Security: Security is another essential eCommerce feature that we provide.
  • Responsive Design: A mobile responsive design is non-negotiable in this mobile-first world.
  • Localization: The great thing about doing business online is the ability that you now have to reach a much greater audience, you’re not restricted by distance.
  • Simplified Navigation: It doesn’t matter how big your store is online shoppers don’t want to have to work their way through a complicated navigation menu to find what they’re looking for.
  • Advanced Search: While you can greatly simplify navigation, you have to create other ways for shoppers to drill down to find items to fit their specific needs.
  • Fast and Secure Checkout: While it’s great that the web has provided retailers like yourself with a way to sell and take payments for products online, you don’t want to be processing these the way you do in-store. Automation is key in online payment processing, which means your eCommerce website needs a payment gateway tool.

Request your professional e-Commerce website solution from the best web development and designing Providers Company CodeShip in Egypt and the MENA region, request your customized online store now.”

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