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News Portals Web Design & Development in Egypt

13, January 2020

News Portals Web Design & Development in Egypt

The design of news websites has become one of the most lucrative and popular trends due to the great demand for it, especially if it includes all kinds of news.
The process of success of these news websites or electronic newspapers depends on the reliability of the news on it and the extent to which it is preceded. This is due to the writers you choose to edit that news content, whether it is a news site that specializes in a specific type of news or if it is not specialized in a specific category.

News sites have features and benefits that we can learn about in the following lines:
Keep pace with development:

Due to the great development that occurred in the past few years, the use of smartphones alongside computers and the development of the web, paper newspapers no longer exist, as they do not keep pace with the era of speed in which we have become due to the delay caused by printing and then distribution, so the news arrives late to the customer and may have seen it on the Internet what would be like this, the newspaper would have lost a great deal and had less distribution.

Variety of news provided while gaining high profit:

It has become easy now with the design of news websites, whether they are specialized in a specific or general category, which gives richness and enjoyment to the customer, which makes him spend more time to carry out the knowledge and then a large number of visits resulting in profits.

News Portals Web Design & Development in Egypt 1 CodeShip

Take a glance at the features of a news website portal:

  • Special pages for writers to write their articles on the website (Blog).
  • Slide Show to display the most important and breaking news.
  • Spaces left for advertisement.
  • Responsive and compatible with all screen sizes for mobile and tablets.
  • Social sharing buttons that let users to share the news with their friends.

Why you have to choose us “CodeShip” for designing your news websites:

  • An easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to add news sections, add news, add pictures to topics and videos, and edit any page easily.
  • Smooth surfing and navigation between your website pages.
  • Dashboard for managing the website from one place without vain.
  • Easy to control the supervisors and add new supervisors on-site or even deleting their accounts.
  • Integrating social media sharing buttons for making it easier for visitors to easily share the news with others.
  • All news and news pages are fully compatible with different search engines, which increases the speed of archiving and increases the number of visitors to your site.
  • Attractive with easy news reporting, which gives a unique user experience that leads the user back to your site to follow the news in a smooth way.
  • Optimized web loading speed on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Integrating RSS feeds which allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format.
  • A compatible responsive website with all devices.
  • SEO friendly website that makes it easy to appear in the first SERPs’.

Request your professional website from the best web development and designing company CodeShip in Egypt and the MENA region, request your website now.”

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