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Find the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Egypt

21, August 2020

Find the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Egypt

Are you looking for the top social media marketing companies in Egypt that can help grow your business?

First, let’s say that in some ways, social media marketing acts as a double-edged sword. It may have a significant effect on your marketing efforts success, especially if you sell a product that attracts people who love using social media platforms. However, it can be a challenge to do social media marketing correctly, and it can easily swallow up your resources.

So, if you are a small or medium-sized business, you might find that it is more cost-effective to hire the best social media marketing agency to handle your social media marketing activities, rather than trying to do it yourself.

Keep reading as we discuss how to find the ideal social media marketing agency in Egypt to manage your social media accounts or develop and execute your social media marketing campaigns.

how to find the best social media marketing agency in egypt

How to Determine the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Egypt?

To hire the best social media marketing agency in Egypt, the first thing you should do is to check the social media presence of the potential social media marketing agencies that might be the best fit for your social media marketing efforts. Then answer the below 9 questions:

1. Are They Present on Social Media?

The initial thing to check is to see if the chosen social media marketing companies in Egypt you may partner with are present on social media networks. Start by searching the agency’s website for social media icons or doing a quick search on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see if you can easily find the agency’s social media profiles.

Being present on various social networks is the first step to knowing whether an agency understands social media or not.

2. Does the Social Media Account Looks Professional?

Take a look at the agency’s social media pages. Does it look professional and match their brand? Do they have high-quality profile pictures and cover photos? These are signs of social media management best practices and the agency you partner with should be following them.

3. Are They Active on Social Media platforms?

Social media marketing goes far beyond just being present on social media networks. So, even if the agency has various pages, they need to be active and social to be successful. Ask yourself, how frequently are they posting updates or sharing content?

You will want to partner with an agency that understands the value of quality content and shares it frequently. The frequency can differ based on their audience and their goal, but at the very least, there should be at least one post per week, per platform.

4. Do They Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

A powerful social media marketing campaign is only as effective as the strategy behind it. Don’t be afraid to ask the potential agency questions about their current marketing strategy, techniques, measurement, and successes they have seen with their own social media marketing efforts.

5. Is Their Social Media Marketing Content Relevant?

The primary key to being successful with social media content is to share and create content that is valuable for your audience and relevant to your brand. As a potential client of an agency in Egypt, take a look at the content, is it relevant to you and your interests/concerns?

Original content should not only be promotional but also showcase their work, provide useful tips, link to their website, highlight an event they sponsor or promote an award they won, and so on.

6. Do They Balance of Original Content and Third-party Content?

The ideal agency supposed to manage your social media accounts would have a balance of content they’ve created versus content they share from other sources. It’s important to check if they are only sharing content from others. This might mean that they lack the skills to develop unique content for their social community. Or worse, they might not have enough resources to allocate to creating unique content.

When you’re reviewing their content, remember to look for a balance of topics they share as well as the type of content.

7. What Type of Content Are They Creating and Sharing on Social media marketing platforms?

Just like having a balance of original content and third-party content, there should also be a variety in the type of content they share. Posting different types of content like images, videos, blog posts, etc. would make for a dynamic social media page that keeps users engaged.

However, the content should reflect the brand identity. Posting memes or cats’ photos will not result in success for every brand. You need to look for a social media marketing agency that has a mix of quality content that engages its followers.

8. Can You Identify Their Personality?

Think about the experiences you have had with the potential agency, Ask yourself:

  • Does their voice on social media match the experience that you have had with the agency’s employees?
  • Does the tone match other collateral or the content on their website?
  • Does it match the brand’s voice?

Remember, consistency is important when marketing a brand. You’ll want to partner with a social media marketing agency that reflects its culture through its content.

9. Is There is Engagement With Followers on their social media Accounts on Social Media Platforms?

Engagement is the ultimate goal of social media marketing and social media marketing is about having a two-way conversation with your social media users. So, make sure the agency engages with their followers on social media.

Check if the potential social media marketing company only pushing out content and leaving people hanging when they leave a comment or ask a question, or they eager to answer them.

Why Choose ‘CodeShip’ to Hand Over Your Social Media Services in Egypt?

CodeShip is a leading social media marketing company based in Egypt, which provides the best social media marketing services in the Middle East region.

We can help you build a measurable, focused, and goal-oriented social media strategy for your business in Egypt crafted with a comprehensive understanding of your business goals. Our social media marketing experts in Egypt can help you establish your brand messaging in an efficient and unique way.

  • We conduct deep research to figure out your potential users and create a strong social media strategy that will reach them.
  • We conduct deep research on the adopted tactics of the competitors.
  • We produce social media marketing campaigns to highlight your business goals. We ensure that those goals are realistic, measurable, and time-lined.
  • We work on different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more to promote your business to let you gain more popularity and presence online.

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