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8 Factors Affecting Your Website Development Cost in Egypt

08, June 2020

8 Factors Affecting Your Website Development Cost in Egypt

If you are an Egyptian businessman or you’re going to invest in Egypt and you’ve decided to build your own business website, you may wonder “How much does website development in Egypt cost?”.

To give you a sketch of the actual website development cost in Egypt, we’ve collected the key factors affecting the price according to CodeShip experts, and based on our actual projects.

Let’s get started…

Top Factors that Determine Website Development Cost in Egypt:

It’s important to learn more details about what your website needs are in terms of features and functionality. Significantly, the two key factors determining how much work is involved are the size and complexity of your website.
To help you get a little more familiar with the web developing process, CodeShip will show you the key 8 factors that contribute to the total cost of your website development:

  1. The Size of Your Project/Features you Need
  2. The Design Style
  3. The Domain Name Registration
  4. Hosting
  5. The Integration of Databases
  6. The Integration of eCommerce
  7. The Integration of SEO
  8. Copywriting

Let’s break these down to have some more details about each factor.

1. The Size of Your Project / Features you Need

In other words, we can say that it’s related to the components and features you need. The size of your project determines the total cost of developing your website. Your project can be:

  • Simple Initial Website (Contains 1-10 pages)

This kind of website suits startups, new businesses, and other simple websites for businesses. It doesn’t carry complex or custom programming and customization work and includes a maximum number of 10 pages.

In these cases, it’s important to design these websites in a way that is easy to expand in the future with new sections, contents, and services.

  • Small Business Website (Contains 10-20 pages)

This type of website is an evolution or redesign of the first webpages design, or an extension of the previous webpages, with a maximum number of 20 pages.

As in the previous case, this doesn’t require complex or custom programming and customization work or, if they do, they would be very simple to program.

  • Medium Business Website (Contains 20-40 pages)

This type of website would be for companies with actions based on eCommerce, even if they don’t have an online store, but when a great part of their sales processes are initiated through their website.
In order to design a website for this size and complexity, you must ensure that you have the best possible service and, above all, very smooth communication with the web developer.

And in these cases, it would be highly recommended to hire the maintenance and updating service of the website.

  • Large Corporate Website (Contains 40-50 pages)

In this case, we’re talking about large web projects, for companies with large activities on the internet and on their main sales channel, or want to be, through its website.

2. The Design Style

Your website design is undoubtedly the most important factor in all development processes because it is the way you distinguish your offer from your competitors.
Say NO to the cheap templates! But it also can be difficult to find high-quality template designs that accurately convey your brand. In case you didn’t find one, you can create a custom design, which will be more expensive.
The cost of a custom design varies depending on how complex your design will be, how many pages will be included in your website, as well as the number of design concepts to choose between.

The question now is “How many unique designs do your website should have?”

For example, the minimum pages that need a design are as follows:

  • Home Page.
  • Products page.
  • Contacts page.
  • Services pages.
  • Blog Archive.
  • About Page.

If the structure of your webpages is identical or very similar, whatever pages your website has, the designer’s work will be easier and faster so the cost will be lower as well.

3. The Domain Name Registration:

The domain name of your site is the web address, or the URL of your website, such as (Ex: Domain registration is a basic cost, but it can vary.

Let’s find out how?

  • Cheap Registration: It costs about $10 a year. Some hosting companies do it for free if you’re using their services. But note that these domains are strongly linked with spam and shady sites, so this won’t be the best choice.
  • Free Domain: There are free sites you can use without getting a domain name, but this includes a risk. For example, when you succeed in your business and want to upgrade your website, you’ll have to get a new URL so will lose all the ground you’ve gained in search results and loyal customers.
  • The Best Choice: In CodeShip, we help you in how to choose the best domain for your website and how to pay less for domain registration.

4. Hosting:

Hosting cost is the fee that you pay monthly or annually for the space you occupy on the web. It can range from nothing at all to hundreds per month for managed hosting.
Based on our experience with working with many clients who had lots of different hosting arrangements, we’ve found that clients often focus on getting the most bandwidth for the lowest price.
We’ve also found that sites with free or cheap hosting don’t perform as well as those with professional hosting. They may have more downtime or may get hacked more often. Moreover, there are multiple fees and add-ons which add up as much as professional hosting.

Hosting is a vital factor when developing your website. You need to consult a website design and development company in Egypt to help you get the best choice.

5. The Integration of Databases:

It requires deep technical knowledge and great experience to be able to solve the problems that arise in the future. If you need to develop and integrate a database within your website, this, of course, will lead to more expenses.

6. The Integration of eCommerce:

The integration of eCommerce functions is a lot more associated with it. For example, payment gateways, cookies, security, LDAP, etc.  Also, you need to link those new functions with the whole system of your previous and existing users, products, etc.
This factor will lead to a big increase in the overall cost of the website and will significantly affect the budget.

7. The Integration of SEO:

When planning a website development strategy, SEO is one of the most significant factors that must be considered in cost.
Ranking high on the first page of search engines isn’t automatic when you create a website. It involves determining which keywords consumers are searching for and creating code to ensure that pages load quickly, among a myriad of other factors that affect your ranking.
A good web developer should contemplate SEO and, by default, optimize the web pages that allow its good positioning in search engines.

8. Copywriting:

You can write your own web content as many businesses do. But guess what?!! It’s usually a mistake.
Writing content for businesses is a specialized skill, just as web design is. Your content has a powerful effect on your success.
If you’re working with a website design and development company in Egypt like CodeShip, you can get outstanding content that suits your requirements at an affordable cost.

Wrapping Up:

When you decide to put your website development into action, you have to consider it as an investment in the medium/long term.

Therefore, choosing the best website design and development company in Egypt becomes very important as you are not only choosing the team that will build your dream website, you are choosing the team that will be in charge of getting the most out of your investment budget and work to bring you to success.

Request your professional website from the best website design and development company in Egypt and in the whole MENA region. Request web design and development service Now.

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