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Best E-Learning Websites Development & Design in Egypt

11, February 2020

Best E-Learning Websites Development & Design in Egypt

In order to keep pace with this great technological development, which is reflected in all sectors and institutions, this had to be applied to the educational sector and to benefit from the tremendous development of the Internet.
The educational websites are considered as one of the most important types of web development because of the multiple benefits it brings from knowledge enrichment and profitability. The educational field has evolved significantly in the past few years, as it went through the stage of technology introduction in education, through the reliance on the Internet in education, until finally the concept of e-learning, which depends on the advanced technologies, presented to provide the educational content to the learner in a good, attractive, easy and effective way. The e-learning system is one of the important methods for delivering information to learners and modern technical mechanisms. The e-Learning websites are designed for the purpose of online education whether the site belongs to a school, an external educational center or a university to communicate the information with minimal effort, shortest time, and most benefit and in a way that makes managing and adjusting the educational process is easy and smooth.

Benefits of developing and designing educational websites:

E-Learning portals design and development benefits:

  • Evaluating the performance of trainers and students:
    The design of e-learning websites on the Internet contributes to evaluating the performance of the teacher in terms of the quality of the educational material provided and the extent of its ability to deliver the information to the learners and its patience with them and the multiplicity of its methods to suit the different mental differences between learners to deliver the information to all through the use of modern technologies that facilitate from the teacher evaluation process. As well as evaluating the learner through how quickly he responds to the information and, and how he interacts with the teacher and the content provided.
  • Providing educational content anytime and anywhere:
    The design of the educational website gives the possibility to provide the content to students anytime and anywhere easily and smoothly via the Internet.
  • Reducing the costs of education and training:
    The design of an educational website provides the learners with the low costs of learning or training, and this is what some educational sites do by providing free courses in multiple areas to offer the learner’s skills at low costs.
  • Educational updates and notifications:
    The design of educational websites gives the possibility to users to get the latest news of the school or university to be the online newspaper for educational institutions of all kinds on the Internet along with the ability to view various activities such as displaying the schedule of appointments and official holidays and other various activities and publishing the results of monthly exams and finals with statistical and evaluation data for learners’ performance.
  • Ease of communication for trainers and students:
    The ability to communicate with teachers or other students with ease, due to the diversity of the means of communications represented in the online educational websites.
  • Improving reactions and mutual interaction:
    The teacher can define the individual needs of each student and seeks to achieve them through the use of reactions, and effective plans for mutual interaction, and there are some things that can be adopted to improve feedback.
  • Saving time and money:
    A student who chooses to follow a course on the Internet can save a lot not only in time, as he does not need to go to the place of lessons, but it saves a lot of money. The course is usually less expensive compared to be taken in a physical education center. Coaches who attend these lessons are subjected to less preparation and production expenses. This means that the distance education model is considered lower in the price for the student compared to physical places educational courses.
  • Flexibility in the work environment:
    The trainees have the flexibility and ease of studying in any place that they want, once they have an internet connection they can access the online educational website. Even if he has to travel from one place to another for any reason like work, he does not need to be absent from the lessons because he has the ability to follow the course anywhere through the educational online website.

Best E-Learning Websites Development & Design in Egypt 1 CodeShip

What are the top important features of e-Learning portals?

  • Ease of online registration: Online admission is the critical first step towards e-learning. Soon after students are enrolled in a course of their choice, they will be required to log into the Learning Management System (LMS). This makes online admission the first step in the e-learning site’s feature list.
  • Reporting and data analysis: One of the best ways to ensure that participants benefit from the education you provide them is to study their reactions to the training course and their behavior during the course This is where the benefit of learning analytics comes in. The availability of this data allows teachers to intervene and motivate students based on the data collected about their behavior and reactions during the courses The training is like the number of times that trainees return to clips of the videos for the review course.
  • Evaluations and direct feedback: Rating and evaluations are some of the most important features of e-learning websites. One strategy is to keep an online spreadsheet for each participant to record important information. It also provides trainers through the site to track this information also as educational gaps through which they can help learners to fill them.
  • Grade books: Grade books can provide students with a deeper level of feedback from teachers than before, instructors can analyze the performance of one or several students. This helps to address the problems and weaknesses of the trainees also directly and continuously.
  • Trainees’ information management: The student information management systems (SIMS) on e-learning websites shows the student-related activities such as records of exams or exams taking and attending and assessing the performance of the entire student records system.
  • Easy enrolling and online payments: Facilitating online payments through e-learning websites is essential to increase conversions and sales. Online payments are faster than manual payments because you don’t have to wait for the check to arrive or cancel the payment. The entire process from sending payment online to the updating of the bank account takes a few seconds.
  • Forums and blogs implementation: Online forums that are implemented in online educational websites created a way for students to socialize and discuss courses, assignments and other relevant information. It also provides an additional outlet for students to obtain answers to their questions from fellow students or their professors, which adds this to the list of the most important features of e-learning websites.

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