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Best Web Applications Development & Design

19, February 2020

Best Web Applications Development & Design

Web applications, we must quickly show the simple difference between web applications and the website, which is hardly perceptible to the average user, for both of them have a [URL]. The website depends only on providing the user with information. There is no interactivity between the site and the user. It is only displaying the information and providing users with it. Unlike web applications where interaction between the user and the web application occurs through requesting a service or performing a function, then the user can control the web application and determine what he wants to do, it is an interactive environment. If there is a page inside the site that enables you to take any action or filling a form while adding an address to receive the request, this is the web application, and the same applies to e-commerce stores and electronic government services.

There are several types of web applications, including:

  • Static Web Apps: It is the simplest of these types, but despite its simplicity, it lacks the necessary flexibility along with its limited content.
  • Dynamic Web Apps: This type is more technically complicated if we compare it with the previous type due to the periodic updating of databases and content every time the user accesses it thanks to the content management system (CMS).
  • E-Commerce Web Apps: These are e-commerce web applications for stores that sell online and due to the sensitivity of this type of web apps data of clients such as the online payments processes it should be strongly designed and protected.

The most important benefits of developing and designing web applications:

  • Saving time: Web application design saves customers’ time, entrepreneurs and company representatives who spend most of their time communicating over the phone.
  • Creating a database: The web application design provides the ability to create a database for companies and individuals by obtaining and getting data for each individual who registers to request a service or performing a specific operation through your web application.
  • Allows updating of websites: Web applications saves the hassle of continually updating your website HTML content. Provide the web application with content, and then the web application updates the site automatically.
  • Quick and easy search for information on content-rich sites: Web applications give your visitors the ability to search, organize, and navigate content in any way that suits them.
  • Operating compatibility: Web applications allow access to them through any device connected to the Internet compared to mobile applications that can be accessed through smartphones only.

Best Web Applications Development & Design 1 CodeShip

The most important features that must be available when it comes to designing and developing web applications:

  • User Interface Design: You can customize an interface for mobile users, it is important to forget the traditional web design when designing a successful web application.
  • Web push notifications: For companies looking to engage more with users, the web push notifications feature will be one of the most popular features of web applications. Web alerts provide real-time notifications to customers on their smartphones. Target alerts can be sent to the user’s device based on the user’s geographic location. These notifications are similar to those in mobile applications, even if the browser is not currently running.
  • Direct communication through live chat: Direct online chat is the best way to stay in constant contact with clients and help them by answering directly to their inquiries. For customers, using live chat is the most convenient way to reach online support and get an immediate response to their inquiries directly while they browse your web application.
  • Mobile-friendly web application: Web applications should be responsive in this context, which means that your app’s display needs to automatically adjust to whatever screen it is being viewed on. Your web application must also be built so that it can load quickly on any device because no one in this era of high-speed connections has the patience to wait for a page to load and display.
  • Social media integration: Integrations with your customers’ favorite social networks are great for the acquisition and engagement of your web application. Using social media platforms you can streamline the registration process for new users by letting them log in through their preferred social account. It removes the hassle to fill the long-form before enjoying the benefits of signed up customers.
  • Security: Security should be a top priority for every online business, having control over your site’s security is required for it to be recognized as a web application. You need to serve your web application via HTTPS with a security certificate. It makes sure that all online users have a secure connection to your web application by safeguarding any data transfer between them and the server. Using HTTPS for the entire site helps protect payment transactions, secure user accounts, keep their communications, identity, and browsing secured and private.

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  • Satisfactory design that offers smooth surfing and navigation between your website pages.
  • Optimized web loading speed on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Dynamic user-friendly websites.
  • Secured and fast hosting.
  • Great technical support.

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