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eCommerce Web Design & Development

21, January 2020

eCommerce Web Design & Development

Electronic technologies will continuously and progressively be deployed throughout the entire supply chain of all industries over the next decade. It is expected that e-business will become so commonplace, that the “e” will become redundant and it will be “business as usual”, but conducted through a whole new medium.
Though e-commerce opens a world of businesses to customers and a world of customers to the business, the model clearly shows that e-Business incorporates both this function and the provision of more significant opportunities for interaction, transaction, and profitability in the back office and supply chain systems. Many supply chain systems are, in fact, e-commerce tools, eg procurement, inventory management, CRM and some ERP systems.

Benefits of developing electronic stores (eCommerce Websites):

Product description: The e-commerce site provides the user with the ability to browse the products and learn about their advantages and characteristics easily. Not only this, but the user can also review the evaluations of any product from customers who have previously purchased it to find out the advantages and disadvantages of this product so as to facilitate the task of deciding the user.
Low cost and large audience segment: The design of e-commerce websites provide the brand with access to a larger segment of users around the world, unlike the traditional method, which relies only on your geographical area, i.e. the limits, in addition to the large cost that was spent in exchange for the few profits.
Fast response and response to users: Ecommerce websites have helped to respond to customer requests, unlike the traditional method that takes time due to its very slow.
Providing business opportunities and reducing costs for companies: The reduction in cost is an important feature of electronic commerce, which allows companies to increase profits while reducing their expenses.

eCommerce Web Design

The main features of an eCommerce Website:

  • User-friendly navigation: A clear navigation bar improves the UX of your site – mandatory for every page.
  • Wishlist: Sometimes, a customer may be interested in a product but decide to buy it later, or a customer may find a product interesting and want to check that later for more details, a wishlist allows them to store a list of these products so that they can easily find them next time they visit your site.
  • Customer login: Your site should definitely let the customers register and log in. It’s best to place this on the top bar for easy access.
  • Store finder: If your e-commerce site has physical stores or pick-up points, a store locator at the top bar can make it easy for your customers to find.
  • Language options: If your eCommerce site has multiple versions for different regions, then you can include language options to let users switch between different languages/regions.
  • Shopping cart: Obviously, the shopping cart is an integral part of any eCommerce site.
  • Loyalty program: Mention things like reward points and other special offers for your long-time customers. Include a link that takes them to more a more detailed offer page.
  • Featured products or best-selling products or new arrivals: You may manually add featured products or automate the process to show a list of best selling products here.
  • Personalized items: You can show potential customers items based on their search or purchasing history, this is a very effective way to increase sales.

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