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Web Design and Development Services

Web Design and Development Services

CodeShip is one of the best websites design and development companies in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the MENA region and the whole Arab world that offers the best-customized websites solutions providing a variety of B2B and B2C solutions, we will deliver the best websites solutions that fit your business to keep you on the track of achieving your business objectives, building a good responsive and optimized website has all the power to acquire and retain your customers. It builds trust and brand authority.
CodeShip will provide your business with a dynamic and user-friendly website, we supported hundreds of customers to have a profitable online presence through their websites from a marketing perspective.
We guarantee to you that our experienced teams will focus on the most web design and development solutions techniques that will increase not only traffic and visits but also will drive sales growth and increase your brand awareness, We also provide custom websites design and development packages according to your requirement and budget.

Benefits of Developing a Professional Website by CodeShip:

  • Polished details:
    The choice of contrast, fonts, text, and spacing are details that make a huge difference in the overall quality of your website.
  • Responsive design:
    Responsive web design means that your users can read and navigate the site with minimum resizing and scrolling, responsive web design can improve the user experience which will be converted into a positive perception of your brand and business.
  • Scalable on multiple devices:
    All our websites are built using a fully responsive design allowing them to scale on many mobile devices.
  • Scalable system:
    Own a website that can handle as much traffic without downtime or any decrease in performance, nothing beats a scalable system infrastructure.
  • Distinction from your competitors:
    Quality means gathering all of your unique selling points into one coherent visual message.
  • Increasing customers:
    Strong calls to action will determine how many more people decide to buy something from you.
  • Less spending down the road:
    Businesses that try to get a “good deal” often end up paying more than they need to instead of getting it right the first time.
  • Room for Development:
    Our websites are custom built allowing them to be easily scaled with you as your business grows.

Our Web Design and Development Features:

“Your website is a gateway to your company, agency or even your brand it is a critical communication channel with your audience/clients, and often a major contributor to your bottom line”

  1. Enhance Your Visitors Experience:
    • Smooth and easy user interface.
    • Optimized web loading speed on mobile devices and desktops.
    • A review system.
    • A form for easy communication.
    • Live chat support.
  2. Satisfactory Design:
    • Smooth surfing and navigation between your website pages.
    • Unique colorful designs that can be optimized based on your business logo and colors.
    • Attractive call to action buttons that motivates your visitors to take purchasing decisions easily.
    • Organizing content in an artistic way.
  3. SEO Friendly Website:
    • A compatible responsive website with all devices.
    • Implementing traffic analytics system.
    • Creating a blog section for your website.
  4. Dynamic User-Friendly Websites:
    • Add, edit or remove any content easily.
    • Managing all website pages smoothly.
    • Dashboard for managing the website from one place without vain.
  5. Secured and Fast Hosting:
    • Enough storage space to store your website files.
    • SSL protection certificate.
    • Bandwidth data transfer rate to make your website performance strong enough to stand huge traffic without any downtime.
  6. Great Technical Support.

Websites Are Generated in Two Methods Static websites and Dynamic websites:

  1. Static: A static website contains Web pages with fixed content. It stores unique files for every page manually authored, the benefit is simple to host requiring less server administration and less chance of exposing security holes, each page is coded to display the same information to every visitor.
  2. Dynamic: Dynamic websites contain web pages that are generated in real-time, mostly large websites are dynamic since they are easier to maintain than static websites.

Why You Have to Choose Us “CodeShip” For Developing and Designing Your Website:

  • Extensive proficient teams working on websites development and designing, eCommerce solutions, and customized websites with a huge portfolio.
  • We always make sure of applying the global quality factors in our services.
  • We always stick to the deadlines of ending any project.
  • We offer a great high-quality service that fits your requirements and budget.
  • A great portfolio of our recent projects that reflect our experience in providing our services.

Our Professional Web Design and Development Service Methodology:

  1. Gathering information, purpose, goals, and audience.
  2. Planning, site map, and wireframe creation.
  3. Design, page layouts, review, and approval.
  4. Content writing and assembly.
  5. Coding.
  6. Testing, review, and launching.
  7. Maintenance, opinion, and updating.

                                                            Web Design and Development Services

  • Educational Websites Design and Development:
    If you have a school, university, educational institute, or academy you should improve the educational process by using the latest techniques and development in communicating with your students, you should consider creating a website that serves as the main destination of the school on the Internet, This contributes to the development of the school’s performance and makes it keep pace with technological development schools and colleges are rely on websites to facilitate the educational process with the full control support by administrators. Educational portals can be internal websites for organizations like schools, or for big businesses. It’s a centralized place to share news, training, and updates, and for students or employees to access their emails and files.
  • News Websites Development:
    News websites are professionally created as we always care about the speed of the pages of the site, which makes visitors browse the site freely and fluently and without the need to take a long time waiting for the loading of the pages and news with the preparation of the site to the search engines, which makes your pages and news tops the results in search engines, which in turn leads to a great flow of traffic to your website, which will return you a lot of profits while ensuring acceptance in Google News as a result of following all the terms and policies of Google News while doing programming and design, if you have a newspaper, you must support it by creating an electronic version.
  • Business Websites:
    We support companies with the best websites with the latest and most sophisticated designs, a business website is any kind of website that represents your business, even small local businesses need a simple online presence, a website is one of the easiest ways to show what your business is all about, and to find those all-important new customers. Your website should have an about page, and details of how people can find you.
  • E-Commerce Websites:
    An eCommerce website is any website that directly sells a product or service online, with an eCommerce website you can add products or services into your cart, and pay for them through the site. Ecommerce makes up an ever-increasing portion of sales, by supporting you with the first proficient step to enter the world of e-commerce and online sales, with a great professional designs for your electronic store and its online presence helping you to display your company’s products and services to start the process of sales by providing you with the most unique and innovative solutions that make you manage the sales processes quite easily.
  • Medical & Healthcare Websites:
    No doubt that modern technologies are driving digital transformations to various industries, including healthcare and medical industries. These days, people are quite demanding, so it’s kind of must-have for hospitals/doctors or a clinic to have a website. To deliver a good experience to patients, the medical website has to be convenient and user-friendly, request your professional medical website design and development.
  • Classified Ads Websites:
    The online classified ads websites can offer you the advantage of targeted search capabilities. Which makes it a better choice for business purposes. When the advertisement is searchable and targeted, then it gives a better result than print advertising with this advantage, online advertisement gets targeted coverage. And if any user is interested in the advertisement then they can contact the advertisement publisher directly.
  • Real estate Web Portals:
    Providing you with the best web designs for your real estate electronic portal by configuring and developing them to be friendly to search engines where you can manage your business and manage the offers and requests from your clients, with the implementing of an internal search engine for your website to make it easy for your customers to search, navigate and view your provided service to your clients easily with the possibility of viewing the property on Google Maps with the details such as price, number of rooms and images in a seamless and easy way for your customers, through this site you can achieve a huge ROI by targeting a new market online.
  • Social Media Platforms Development & Design:
    Social media channels are supporting brand’s website and, if there is one, its brick-and-mortar location, social media is intended to reach different audiences in personable, useful, and entertaining ways and refer those potential customers you may not have ever had the chance to engage with previously to get to know and try your business CodeShip provides the best smooth responsive designs with great quality user experience for your social media platform.
  • Personal websites design & Development:
    Developing and designing a personal website that gives information about the companies or people and services provided, we are helping you to design a personal website or services with the latest technologies that show your experiences in a simple and clear way.
  • Governmental Websites Development & Design:
    The best government websites are well organized, content-rich, and highly searchable. To best optimize a service-oriented government website, content that is clear and utilizes plain language can lead to improved results. CodeShip provides the best smooth responsive governmental websites with great quality user experience.
  • Web Applications Design & Development:
    Web application development and design are one of the most used techniques of development nowadays due to the huge provided features of it, Web applications refer to the applications that can be accessed via web browsers over a network web application when it works well, gathers immense amounts of information about your business through a host of different metrics, our experienced teams will focus on the most effective techniques that give your web application visitors a great user experience.
  • Web Directories Development & Design:
    A web directory or link directory is an online list or catalog of websites. That is, it is an online directory that contains other websites. Web directories may be general in scope or limited to particular subjects or fields. Entries may be listed for free, or by paid submission meaning that the site owner must pay to have his or her website listed, we provide the best smooth responsive web directories with great quality user experience.
  • Forums Websites Development & Design:
    Most online forums allow users to register an account, create topics, and post them in response to messages from other users. In most cases, forums also include user role systems, so that you can assign moderators for managing the forum and reviewing posts and replies.
  • WordPress Websites Development and Design:
    We offer you the best designs that help in attracting the attention of your visitors with the best way to offer your services or your products WordPress sites help the website owner/admin to fully control the pages and editing articles it also allows publishing of many different types of content, whether they are articles, pictures or videos.
  • Sports Websites Development & Design:
    A sports website can accomplish a number of things. It can help the club stay updated with the upcoming events, attract new players and make it easy for them to contact you, or help fans stay in touch and get updated on the latest news. Most importantly, it can help the sports team market themselves better by having an online presence, our experienced teams will focus on the most smooth and easy web design and development solution techniques that give your websites visitors’ a great user experience.
  • PHP Websites Development & Design:
    PHP is a server scripting language and an effective professional tool for executing interactive and dynamic web pages. Our experienced teams will focus on the most web design and development solution techniques that will increase not only traffic and visits but also will drive sales growth and increase your brand awareness.

Request your professional website from the best web development and designing company CodeShip in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, MENA region and the whole Arab world, request your website now.

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