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Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Regardless of the industry, communication between multiple departments is the key to achieving your goals. Improve your business operations performance and productivity through building Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software which will integrate and automate your company’s multiple departments so you can manage processes and access your data easy to get a high level of analytical insights that gives you the ability to make better decisions without the hassle of many spreadsheets and emails.
Enterprise resource planning solutions improve the collaboration of your departments by integrating and gathering data from various systems from different departments, including marketing, sales, human resources, and finance into one system.

Automating your workflows is a great way to reduce operating cost, allowing you to complete tasks with a single click and to focus more on the challenging tasks, making the processes more accurate and thus driving sales growth while centralized communication improves the collaboration within the company teams and departments all this can be performed by implementing a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software for your business.

Benefits of Implementing Our Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution:

  • Transform your data into valuable information that supports decision-makers to take more effective accurate decisions.
  • Protect your business data by giving permissions and well-defined roles for each employee who uses the system.
  • Providing you with tools that give you the ability to offer more quality services to your customers.
  • Create your business plans based on the current demands and requests that allow you to define the accurate deadlines of the completion of each plan.

Features of Our Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Sales System”:
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions allow you to deal with a large number of sales operations and dealing with customers before and during the purchasing process and even dealing with customers after the sale. This allows you to understand the attitudes and behaviors of your customers by capturing their data and creating and updating a database continuously, allowing you to identify the most likely and qualified customers through their stored data, this facilitates the process of distributing qualified customers to your sales force at your business.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Operations System”:
    The amount of paperwork you need to keep tracking of it and the number of calculations you need to do is becoming more simplified and easy to be done by analyzing and organizing your transactions and saving your financial records accurately and easily that allows you to get full detailed reports and predictions about your upcoming transactions while tracking and managing your inventory, projects, and purchases.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Human Resources Management System”:
    Ensuring easy management of your human resources, processes, and data for your employees. The HR solutions are used by companies to combine a number of necessary HR functions and records, such as employees’ data, payroll management, recruitment processes, employees’ benefits, and tracking of attendance records.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Marketing Systems”:
    Offering the ability to create reports that provide quick and specific answers to all your business questions by using the current and stored data on databases instantly, as needed enabling you to market your services/products better based on accurate reports and analytics while identifying sales plans, targeted customers and the best marketing channel for your customer’s segments.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solutions Modules:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Sales Module”: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Point of Sale and Subscription.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Operations Module”: Accounting, Project Management, Timesheets, Helpdesk, Inventory, and Purchases.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Human Resource Module”: Employees data, Recruitment, Attendance, and Payroll management.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Solution “Marketing Module”: E-Mail Marketing, Automation, Events, Survey, Appointments and Mailing Lists’.

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