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Mobile Applications Development Services

Now you are wondering what mobile apps are and what is the benefit that you will get from designing a mobile app?  Can I design my own mobile app? Will it look like popular mobile apps?

As a website owner or a large or small company, no matter what it’s your industry, you should think seriously about the speed of your business spread among most of society. The Arab community are using different types of smartphones and operating systems nowadays such as Android and IOS operating systems, in order to search for information through the internet, CodeShip will provide you with a mobile application that leads to your business instant growth and contributes to bringing potential customers to your company.

Mobile Applications Importance:

Mobile applications enable users to access information easily, and these applications play a prominent role in increasing visits to websites and the interaction with your business by connecting them with the information that they are searching for in your site, CodeShip found out that the design of all types of mobile application is imperative in order to help in promoting your website or your business and increasing the purchase of your products to your customers.

  • Direct Communications with Your Customers –Push Notifications-:
    Mobile apps have proved that they are fast and effective in attracting customer attention and informing them about the launching of new products and services, promotions, and enhanced features mobile applications are reducing the cost of text messages and paper newsletters because they simplify communication via instant, secure and direct messaging with customers.
  • Quick and Easy Access to Your Services and Products:
    The recent research revealed that customers are always searching for services or products while they are on the go or traveling more through their smartphones, giving them the ability to surf your services or products through a mobile application is a great win situation for your businesses.
  • Increase Your Brand Loyalty and Customers Interactions:
    A mobile application is a great tool for increasing the engagement and interactions with your customers, a great platform for instant communications, customers prefer this when their concerns and complaints are heard and resolved as quickly and without any delay, which in turn helps companies to build great brand loyalty.
  • Beat your Business Competitors:
    Mobile applications are still rare, and this is where you can make a great jump in front of your competitors. Be the first to offer a mobile app in your niche to your customers and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Geo-location Targeting Marketing:
    The use of geolocation tracking has many different functions and benefits, it can be used for presenting ads, relevant content, promotions, or coupons and many personalized offers for your customers based on their geo-location, it gives you the ability to create more tailored and relevant marketing for your potential customers.
  • Customer Response to Applications are faster than Web Search:
    Mobile applications are a great alternative for browsing the web on mobile devices, web browsing requires a user to launch a web browser, enter a URL or search and wait for the website to load, while it takes just a second to launch a mobile app because most of the information is stored in the app itself making it work fast it can even work offline with no need for internet connections.
  • In-App Payment and Purchases:
    In-app purchasing/payment refers to the buying of products and services through your mobile application that is implemented on your customers’ mobile devices which saves a lot of time for your valuable customers, Paying for goods and services has never been more convenient than with using a mobile payment system.

“CodeShip is the best mobile application design and development company in Egypt and the MENA region providing distinctive service to our valued customers in a simplified manner that meets all the requirements of the clients and also handles all the services related to the success of the application and uploading on Google Play and the Apple Store”

Types of Mobile Applications:

In all types of mobile devices, there are two types of operating systems:

  1. Android application systems: which are compatible with all Android devices.
  2. IOS application systems: which is compatible with all Apple devices.

There are 3 different types of mobile applications programming:

  • Native application:
    Native code has wide access to device functionality, while content, structure and visual elements are also stored in device memory ready for instant use, usually higher than hybrid or web if apps are developed for multiple platforms.
  • Hybrid mobile apps:
    Apps content is only a wrapper on the user device while most of the data should be loaded from a server.
  • Web-view apps:
    These are software applications that behave in a fashion similar to native applications the performance is inextricably linked due to browser work and network connection.

Our Mobile Application Service Benefits:

  • Provide a mobile application design suitable for the customer at reasonable prices.
  • Reduces and compresses the size of the application to be easy to download and does not consume a lot of memory space.
  • Reduce in-app queries to reduce the consumption of mobile resources and make the mobile application run faster.
  • Uploading apps on the Google and Apple application stores.
  • Provide an attractive mobile application design to attract users.
  • Technical support continuously.
  • Space is left for ads as per customers’ requests.
  • Sending push notifications through the application.
  • Customized features as per clients’ needs and their business requirements.

Why You Have to Choose Us?

  • The applications provided by our company is strong and adapted to achieve our clients’ objectives.
  • Providing all the suitable applications for different types of sites with ease.
  • Designing Android and IOS applications with high quality and unique aesthetic designs that satisfy the taste of the customer.
  • Provide a variety of designs that help website owners and companies to interact with their customers with ease and effortlessly.
  • Our company has a long experience in the implementation and designing of mobile applications of various types.
  • The company is keen to stand on all customer feedback in order to create a suitable application for his wishes that meets the requirements and expectations.
  • The company is keen on obtaining a positive evaluation from the client by giving him a satisfactory design.

Request your professional mobile application from the best mobile application development and designing company CodeShip in Egypt and the MENA region, request your Mobile App now.

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