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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

CodeShip is one of the best business intelligence solutions providers in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the MENA region, Our Business Intelligence software will help you to transform your data into valuable, insightful and actionable information which helps you to make strategic decisions for your business, it will help you to manage a vast amount of data and combining it together from multiple departments.

Why you have to choose us as a business intelligence solutions provider?

Our business Intelligence software will give you great data visualization capabilities, improved data quality, know your growth areas, identify supply and demand and determine your position in the market. Designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data, the applications generally read data that has been previously stored, often in a data warehouse or data marts.

Features of Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • Data Analysis:
    Data analysis is the process of acquiring, processing, and transforming data to create insightful reports that help in making better business decisions.
  • Dashboard:
    A dashboard allows you to monitor and produce static and real-time data from some data store and services.
  • Data Visualization:
    Build out stunning data visualizations in a simple interface that leads to insights faster.
  • Ad-hoc Reports:
    The ad-hoc analysis is a business intelligence initiative that serves to provide answers to specific questions, and your business challenges or questions using more current data. Ad Hoc describes data by creating reports on the spot, as needed.
  • KPIs:
    The key performance indicators in business intelligence are typically around major business areas such as financial metrics, marketing metrics, customer service metrics, and HR metrics. KPIs also cover specific areas like project management metrics and retail metrics which indicates your business performance against its goals.
  • Performance Metrics:
    Knowing how the different areas of your business are performing is valuable information indeed, but a great smooth measurement system will also let you identify any changes in performance. This puts you in a better position to manage your performance proactively.

“There are many areas in which business intelligence can be applied such as knowing the type or desires of existing customers, what are potential customers, or their demographic distribution, or how to determine prices or what services or products that can be marketed in a particular area with a specific natural or characteristics”

Benefits of Our Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • ERP Reporting:
    Get full accurate insight reports about your business performance and resources in a glance.
  • Product Profitability:
    Identify the most searched and best-selling products, as this is an indicator of the demands for these products or services.
  • Risk Management:
    Risk measurement and evaluation process and development strategies. These strategies include avoiding it or minimizing its negative effects and or accepting some of its consequences.
  • Business Activities Expense:
    Creating reports to get full insight reports about the expenses areas within your business in detail.
  • Sales Analysis and Forecasting:
    Analyzing sales data while predicting the volume of the upcoming sales through the recorded sales data sheets in the databases.

CodeShip is one of the best software companies in Egypt and the MENA region that offers the best-customized software solutions in the Arab world providing a variety of solutions, we will deliver the best solutions that fit your business to keep you on the track of achieving your business objectives.

Request your Business Intelligence solution from the best software providers company CodeShip in Egypt and the MENA region, request your software now.

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